Indigenous Peoples and the Green Climate Fund (GCF)

Raising indigenous peoples’ interests at the GCF is a long and continuing arduous process that requires a lot of energy and effort. Indigenous peoples have made significant inroads in the GCF and are opening spaces to meaningfully engage with the GCF at global and national levels... 
This publication was conceived to consolidate the reports, letters and briefing notes of indigenous peoples’ engagement with the GCF thus far. It also aims to celebrate the achievements and account for the challenges and opportunities that indigenous peoples face in the Green Climate Fund.
PART I: Indigenous Peoples’ Key Issues and Proposals to the Green Climate Fund
Chapter 1: Indigenous Peoples’ Submissions
A. Indigenous Peoples’ Policy 
B. Safeguards
C. Redress Mechanism
D. Full and Effective Participation
E. Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation+ (REDD+) and Results-Based Payment (RBP) 
F. General Issues
Chapter 2: Ensuring Direct Access of Funds for Indigenous Peoples Dialogue on the Engagement of the Green Climate Fund and its Accredited Entities with indigenous peoples and a possible funding window for indigenous peoples Framework for Global Indigenous Peoples' Program
PART II: Capacitating Indigenous Peoples on the Green Climate Fund

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