21 January, 2020

Green Climate Fund Readiness and Indigenous Peoples (PART 2): The Cases of Paraguay, Cameroon, Nepal, Bangladesh and Philippines

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This report follows an initial scoping research commissioned in 2017 by Tebtebba to partners in five selected countries: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Vietnam, Peru, Nicaragua, and Kenya.
In the second part of the research, the country case studies point to a series of proposals and recommendations that can help improve the quality of indigenous peoples’ engagement, national level coordination of different climate funds, compliance with Green Climate Fund policies and due consideration of indigenous peoples’ perspectives in country programming.
Executive Summary
by Francesco Martone, on behalf of the Indigenous Peoples' Advocacy Team on the GCF
PARAGUAY: Green Climate Fund Project in Paraguay: Its Impact on Indigenous Peoples
by Federation for the Self-Determination of Indigenous Peoples (FAPI)

CAMEROON: Voiceless in GCF Readiness Support Program
by Bouba Njobdi Amadou and Dr. Gabriel Enchaw Bachange

NEPAL: Recognizing Indigenous Knowledge and Practices in Climate Discourse, Strategies and Action
by Pasang Dolma Sherpa, PhD and Pasang Sherpa, Ph

BANGLADESH: Challenges of Real Engagement in Climate Initiatives
by Maleya Foundation

PHILIPPINES: Philippines Climate Change Policies and Programs
by Helen Biangalen-Magata, Maribeth Bugtong-Biano and Nicky Batang-ay, Tebtebba